About Us

Sacha Sauda Gurmat Parchar Society is a Canadian registered charitable organization located in Brampton, Ontario. The mandate of this society is to humbly spread the universal message of the Sikh Gurus and to become a complete Sikh religious resource centre.

With the divine blessings of Akal Purakh, this society distributes Sikh religious literature and other related items at no monetary profit. Items such as Gurbani Gutkas and Pothis without transliteration and translation (Nirol Gurbani) do not carry a price tag and are distributed on an open donation basis. Those who cannot afford items are never turned away empty handed.

The sewadars at Sacha Sauda Gurmat Parchar Society are engaged on a volunteer basis. The sewadars receive their earnings from their own business/jobs/profession and feel that it is a blessing for them to contribute time, efforts and earnings to the noble cause of the society. They also encourage the youth and adults to volunteer their time and efforts in supporting the society's important cause. Students who volunteer community hours that are counted towards their formal education are always welcome.

Sacha Sauda Gurmat Parchar Society has been operating since 1997. By the grace of Waheguru and the support of the Sangat this society is currently serving the Sikh Sangat on a local, national and international as well as Gurdwara, school boards, penitentiaries, other groups interested in Sikhism. Many volunteer have even engaged in distributing literature and other items from the society in the Gurdwaras of their local cities.

Our current world is spiritually starved and this society believes that it is the religious duty of every Sikh to share their religious experience with their fellow beings on this Earth. That who have experienced the Divine Ambrosial Hymns of the Guru is indeed a changed person with a new spiritual and social outlook. It is for this reason that Sacha Sauda Gurmat Parchar Society is dedicated to enrich the world with the glorious tradition and spirituality of the Sikh Gurus.